Ecotechnicians: reliable heating installation by a knowledgeable heating engineer

Over the last twenty years, gas-fired condensing technology has developed significantly, leading to condensing boilers which offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Increased comfort
  • Energy efficiency and associated cost-savings
  • Reduced emissions and noise levels
  • Improved design, with reduced size to fit any building setting
  • Flexibility to highly fluctuating requirements for heating and hot water
  • Internet connectivity facilitates easy control, and decreased levels of gas usage by monitoring your time at home, as well as providing the peace of mind that your boiler is being monitored for fault codes by remote servers

Condensing boilers, when correctly installed, are impressive to live with, providing copious amounts of hot water and warm comfortable homes. However these benefits can only be realised if condensing boiler installation is implemented correctly, as intended by the controls and boiler design engineers.

Ecotechnicians is a group of reassuringly knowledgeable heating engineers, who have taken the time to fully understand what the design engineers intended and can impliment these practices to guarantee an uncompromisingly reliable and efficient heating installation.

As well as offering the benefit of our skills as heating engineers, we are also a boiler installation initiative – we run professional development programmes for gas safe registered installers, guiding and educating installers to adopt different working practices to satisfy public demand for modern, efficient heating systems.

Choose an Ecotechnician heating engineer for your boiler installation

Ecotechnicians was set up by boiler installers who believe in offering high quality installation of modern boilers and is here for installers and the public, to share information about optimum heating system design and the importance of correct boiler installation.

Appointing an Ecotechnician gives peace of mind that your boiler installer knows what they are doing when it comes to modern boiler technology. Please click here to find an Ecotechnician-qualified boiler installer.

Why it’s important to choose a knowledgeable heating engineer to install a new boiler

Spending money on a new boiler is rarely welcomed – it can be a stressful, costly and hurried purchase which most commercial property owners and homeowners could do without. Many opt for recognised brand names and pay little consideration to the work done on an existing heating system to calibrate it to the new boiler – trusting that their appointed heating engineer knows what they are doing – and this is where problems can arise:

  • Modern condensing boilers must be installed in a fashion with which many heating engineers and boiler installers are unfamiliar.
  • Boiler controls are frequently overlooked and rarely upgraded, leading to modern condensing boilers being installed alongside technology developed over 50 years ago.
  • As a result new condensing boilers will work inefficiently, by wasting gas, and are likely to fail prematurely – a costly and completely avoidable issue.

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