Heating System Repairs and System Upgrades

Now is the time to look at the current controls... do they work seamlessly with the boiler and enhance boiler efficiency and reliability?

Heating System Repairs and System Upgrades

The fact all Ecotechnicians have direct access to manufacturers and training to ensure they are completely up to date with the latest technology, puts them at an advantage whether offering their customers system upgrades, or fault finding and repairing a current system. This coupled with continued peer to peer education and training means the engineer will be consistently up to date with all aspects of repair and upgrades.

Heating repairs also offer an excellent opportunity to upgrade your heating system to more intelligent controls. All modern condensing boilers are designed around intelligent controls, and not installing these controls is a missed opportunity for energy efficiency, comfort and reliability, which may have prevented the issue in the first place. If you are repairing a heating system, talk to your Ecotechnicians as to what improvements can be made. This undoubtedly will enhance your boilers life span.


The main enemy of heating systems is corrosion (rust). There are four variables that effect corrosion in a heating system. Velocity, Heat, water quality, and materials used. As heating systems invariably have to use heat this is almost unavoidable, however, this can be minimised through the use of effective efficient intelligent controls like weather compensation and indoor open therm controls. Excessive velocity in pipework is avoided by understanding system design and calculating pipe sizing, Ecotechnicians will be well rehearsed in this. Water quality and metals used are almost part of the same problem. The fill water must be suitable for the metals in the system, this is why water treatment is important.

Water Treatment

When we talk about water quality people tend to think mainly of tap water and water hardness. Water quality in non-domestic and domestic central heating systems is vital to keeping the system working correctly and for maintaining efficiency. By looking at the best international standards Ecotechnicians can offer bespoke solutions.

The German VDI (Association of engineers) have thoroughly researched water quality and its effects on the workings of heating and cooling systems. It removes a lot of the myth that we have taken as fact due to lack of independent research. With this knowledge and the ability to diagnose water quality issues, Ecotechnicians can easily apply preventative measures even before your system fails, simply by testing the system water.

Water testing is a tool we can use to help slow and cure excessive corrosion. The average heating system will create 6grams of magnetite a year, this reduces efficiency. Being able to monitor this corrosion and use our knowledge to minimise it will keep your appliance running at its best for longer. Removing trapped gasses in your heating system is essential, it will make many noticeable improvements. There is a direct link between oxygen levels and corrosion rates. Capturing and removing any debris in the system will help stop damage, loss of efficiency and maintain system life.Understanding which metals are suitable and selecting materials to suit. The benefits of selecting the right materials at the specification stage will maximise system life and minimise maintenance costs.

With so many potential issues like Oxygen ingress, PH levels, Conductivity, Hardness, Electrolytic Corrosion, water quality is probably the most important preventative measure of system failure. We can offer bespoke solutions and with annual monitoring to keep warranties protected and avoid costly failure.

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