Underfloor Heating

Correctly designed and with the right controls underfloor heating can enhance boiler efficiency by lowering the boilers operating temperature. But it is not as simple as just installing it… you need the right controls!

Underfloor Heating

Full knowledge of system design and hydronics are absolutely essential when it comes to underfloor heating. It’s shocking how many underfloor systems are in place in the UK with poor design, excessive pipework velocity’s, too lower flow rates round the emitter, issues with the underfloor pulling heat from the radiators and failing to recognise how to get condensing boilers to fully condense and gain and additional 10-12% of efficiency. Ecotechnicians seek to address this by training up engineers to the standard required for installing such mixed flowrate systems.

If designed and installed correctly underfloor heating can provide a huge advantage to system efficiency. It can help the boiler 100% condense all year round increasing gas efficiency, provide more stable room temperatures, and free up wall space.

As Ecotechnicians fully understand heating theory and design, we are perfectly placed to fault find or reinstall your faulty underfloor heating system, or perhaps install from scratch for a trouble free highly efficient heating system.

Ultra High efficiency underfloor heating systems

Due to the emitter size underfloor heating generally runs on much lower temperatures than radiators. This can have a huge efficiency increase with in the boiler due to a higher flame to heating water delta T. However to maximise this effect this needs the use of an electronic mixing valve to vary the water flow temperature, these are not commonly available in the UK. Speak to your Ecotechnician for further information and system specification.

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