What is an Ecotechnician?

Traditionally, the installation of gas boilers and other heating appliances is undertaken by Gas Safe Registered engineers, that have a very limited access to industry technology and training. It's time for a new type of engineer, and a new type of support, It’s time for Ecotechnicians...

So, what is an Ecotechnician?

An Ecotechnician is a heating appliance installer, such as a Gas Safe Registered Engineer, who carries out installation, repair, servicing and commissioning of heating appliances, for example a gas condensing boilers, to maximise reliability and efficiency whilst increasing comfortability. This is achieved by looking at northern European regulations and practices, as well as practices from other colder climates which require higher efficiency. By implementing these practices your Ecotechnician can give an expected service life in excess of 15 years with regular boiler servicing and maintenance, typically reduce gas bills by 15-20%, and considerably enhance system reliability and performance.

Why use an Ecotechnician?

Customers can expect to find Ecotechnicians have high standards of competency and technical understanding of modern heating technology. They are required to undergo regular Continued Professional Development (CPD) training, as well as participate in the Ecotechnicians peer to peer training forum, to ensure they’re status as No1 in their field. This training and information sharing on the forum keeps engineers up to date and aware of the many pitfalls and advantages associated with changing technology. They also have access to in-depth training, manufacturers and other industry experts for direct support. This gives you the opportunity to benefit from a correctly specified heating system that will maximise your heating systems efficiency and life.

Ecotechnicians are continuously reviewing products that enter the European marketplace to develop their methods and understanding of heating for optimum performance and efficiency. We also continuously monitor the ever-changing standards of the industry. This gives the customer the opportunity to make the most well informed decision for their investment.

Ecotechnicians are vetted and accepted according to their level of current training, enthusiasm, commitment, ability to adopt new working practices and accept support from peers. The foundation course is “an appreciation of the CIBSE heating system design guide that covers topics as wide ranging as heat loss, radiator sizing, pipe sizing, boiler sizing and pump sizing.” From then on they are divided in to two categories.

An Ecotechnician

An accredited Ecotechnician is required to display a full understanding in the following areas.

  • Condensing technology
  • Modulating controls
  • Heating system water treatment
  • System design and its importance
  • System material and product quality

An Associate

An associate is someone aware of all the areas above and are actively participating in on going CPD to better themselves with in the industry. They are conscious about system efficiency and design and show willingness to set themselves apart from the ‘typical heating engineer’.

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